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Here are some important things to know:



Set up on Friday, November 8th will be from 3pm – 8pm.  You will be able to drive your vehicle directly onto the Armory floor. We need to be off the armory floor by 8pm or we will be charged for extra usage hours by the Amory. Set-up must be completed by 8pm on Friday.

- Limited set up will be permitted on Saturday morning between 8 am and 9 am, but no vehicles will be allowed inside the Armory on Saturday morning

after 9:15 am. 

- On Saturday (after 9:15 am) and on Sunday, all set up will need to be hand trucked to your vendor space. 

- The Armory is locked at night, so your merchandise can stay overnight.

- You do need to bring your own tables and chairs (unless you have made prior arrangements with us)



 - So that there is more parking for customers, we ask that all vendors/volunteers park their cars across the street at the high school.



-  We ask that you remove your merchandise from your vehicle quickly as other vendors also need to drive onto the Armory floor – set up AFTER your vehicle is driven out!

-  At the end of the show, please pack up your merchandise BEFORE you bring your car onto the Armory floor.  All vehicles and vendors must be off the Armory floor by 6pm on Sunday.



- Every vendor will receive a Goodie Bag from GFNJ.  Volunteers will have a list of vendors so you can get a free bagel and coffee for both Saturday and Sunday.  Enjoy!



- Patty ( will be asking you for a list of folks who will be working at your table.  Their names will go onto a list that will be kept at the GFNJ Admission Table. Only the names on this list will be given free admission.  We are on the honor system here, so please only include the names of people who are actually assisting you.



- Patty ( will be sending you an email with the text of how your business will be listed in the virtual Admission Program.  This will include your Vendor Name, a blurb on what you sell, and if you have one, your website.  Please review this carefully and let us know if there is an error or if you want changes.



- Please be cognizant of the vendors around you – politeness and courtesy go a long way.

We do not encourage “hard selling” to show attendees. 

- Yes, dogs are allowed and they are a big part of the fun!  But, sometimes owners are not aware of what their dogs might do.  Be prepared for tablecloths to be marked and for tall dogs to want to sniff your merchandise.  Accidents happen, and if you make one of the GFNJ volunteers aware of the situation we will clean up.

- Georgia, a GFNJ volunteer, will be working as the Vendor Advocate.  If you have any problems during the show, please speak to Georgia

(she will be handing out your Goodie Bags when you check in).


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